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Recent Faculty Publications

  • Blanden, Jo, Robert Haveman, Timothy Smeeding, and Kathryn Wilson.  "Intergenerational Mobility in the United States and Great Britain: A Comparative Study of Parent-Child Pathways." Review of Income and Wealth.
  • Dutta, Nabamita, and Deepraj Mukherjee."Cultural Traits and Stock Market Development: An Empirical Analysis." Journal of Entrepreneurship and Public Policy.
  • Elbahnasawy, Nasr G. "E-Government, Internet Users, and Corruption: an Empirical Investigation." World Development.
  • Ellis, Michael and Dandan Liu. "Do FOMC Forecasts Add Value to Staff Forecasts?" European Journal of Political Economy.
  • Englehardt, Lucas. "Inventories, Business Cycles, and Capital Utilization." Studies in Nonlinear Dynamics and Econometrics.
  • Englehardt, Lucas. "Unholy Matrimony: The Federal Reserve and Budget Policy." The Fed at 100 - A Critical View on the Federal Reserve System, edited by David Howden and Joseph Salerno, Springer.
  • Greenhalgh-Stanley, Nadia. "Can the Government Incentivize the Purchase of Long-Term Care Insurance? Evidence from the Partnership for Long-Term Care." Applied Economics Letters.
  • Greenhalgh-Stanley, Nadia. "Do the Elderly Respond to Changes in Incentives from Means-Tested Programs? Evidence from the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act of 1988." Public Finance Review.
  • Johnson, Eric, and Shengxiong Wu. “The Information Content of the Euro-Bund Futures Option Markets” Review of Futures Markets.
  • Johnson, Eric, and C. Lockwood Reynolds. “The Effect of Household Hospitalizations on the Educational Attainment of Youth.” Economics of Education Review.
  • Kang, Wengsheng. "Trends and Cycles in Nonstationary Panel Models." International Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Optimisation.
  • Kemme, David M., Deepraj Mukherjee, and Alex-Nikolsko Rzhevshkyy. "Foreign Capital, Spillovers and Export Performance in Emerging Economies: Evidence from Indian IT Firms." Review of Development Economics.
  • Kent, Richard. "Keynes, Fisher, and the Marginal Efficiency of Capital." Journal of the History of Economic Thought.
  • Liu, Dandan and Julie Smith. "Inflation Forecasts and Core Inflation Measures: What is the Information for Future Inflation?" Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance.
  • Reynolds, C. Lockwood and Shawn Rohlin. "Do Location-based Tax Incentives Improve Quality of Life and Quality of Business Environment." Journal of Regional Science.
  • Reynolds, C. Lockwood. "State Politics, Tuition and the Dynamics of a Political Budget Cycle." Empirical Economics.
  • Dutta, Nabamita, and Deepraj Mukherjee. “Do Political Institutions and Culture Jointly Matter for Financial Development?” Global Economy Journal, 13(2), 203-232.
  • Englehardt, Lucas, 2013. "Central Planning's Computation Problem." Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, 16(2), 227-246.
  • Greenhalgh-Stanley, Nadia, and Shawn Rohlin, 2013. "How Does Bankruptcy Law Impact the Elderly and their Housing Decisions?" Journal of Law and Economics, 56(2), 417-445.
  • Hanson, Andrew, and Shawn Rohlin, 2013. “Do Spatially Targeted Redevelopment Programs Spillover?” Regional Science and Urban Economics, 43(1), 86-100.
  • Kang, Wensheng, 2013. "The Impact of Mandatory IRFS Adoption on the Earnings-Returns Relation." Applied Financial Economics, 23, 1137-1143.
  • Liu, Dandan and Dennis Jansen, 2013. "The Effects of Monetary Policy Using Structural Factor Analysis." Applied Economics, 45(18), 2511-2526.
  • Lovenheim, Michael, and C. Lockwood Reynolds, 2013. “The Effect of Housing Wealth on College Choice: Evidence from the Housing Boom” Journal of Human Resources, 48(1), 3-37.
    • also published as NBER Working Paper 1807
  • Ratti, Ronald and Kang, Wensheng, 2013. "Structural Oil Price Shocks and Policy Uncertainty." Economic Modelling, 35, 314-319.
  • Ratti, Ronald and Kang, Wensheng, 2013. "Oil Shocks, Policy Uncertainty and Stock Market Returns" Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 26, 305-318.
  • Dutta, Nabamita, and Deepraj Mukherjee, 2012. “Is Culture a Determinant of Financial Development?” Applied Economic Letters, 19(6).
  • Dechenaux, Emmanuel and Andrew Samuel, 2012.  “Preemptive Corruption, Hold-Up and Repeated Interactions" Economica, 79(314), 258-283.
  • El-Bahnasawy, Nasr G. and Charles F. Revier, 2012. “The Determinants of Corruption: Cross-Country-Panel-Data Analysis.” The Developing Economies, 50(4).
  • Ellis, Michael, Eric Johnson, and Diana Kotenko, 2012. “Consensus on the FOMC: An Analysis of End of Tenure Policy Preferences.” Economics Letters, 117 (October) 368-71.
  • Englehardt, Lucas, 2012. "Expansionary Monetary Policy and Decreasing Entrepreneurial Quality." Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics, 15(2), 172-194.
  • Grau, Josefina, Kathryn Wilson, Erin Weller, Patricia Castellanos, and Petra Duran, 2012. “Adolescent Parenting,” chapter prepared for The Oxford Handbook of Poverty and Child Development, edited by V. Maholmes and R.B. King, New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Greenhalgh-Stanley, Nadia, 2012.  “Medicaid and the Housing and Asset Decisions of the Elderly: Evidence from Estate Recovery Programs,” Journal of Urban Economics, 72(2-3), 210-224.
  • Haveman, Robert, Patrizio Piraino, Timothy Smeeding, and Kathryn Wilson, 2012. "Child Development and Social Mobility," in From Parents to Children, edited by John Ermish, Markus Jantti, and Timothy Smeeding, Russell Sage Press.
  • Kent, Richard, 2012. “Keynes’s Investment Activities while in the Treasury during World War I”, History of Economics Review, 56 (Summer), 1-13.
  • Liu, Dandan, Rui Li and Jijun Tan, 2012. "A Dual Measure of Correlation Between the Solow Residual and Output Growth." Journal of Productivity Analysis, 37(1), 17-25.
  • Mukherjee, Debmalya , Somnath Lahiri, Deepraj Mukherjee, Tejinder K. Billing, 2012. "Leading virtual teams: how do social, cognitive, and behavioral capabilities matter?", Management Decision, 50(2), 273 – 290.
  • Mukherjee, Debmalya, Robert W. Renn, Ben L. Kedia, Deepraj Mukherjee, 2012. "Development of interorganizational trust in virtual organizations: An integrative framework", European Business Review, 24(3), 255 – 271.
  • Park, Jooyoun, 2012. "Does Occupational Training by the Trade Adjustment Assistance Program Really Help Reemployment? Success Measured as Matching." Review of International Economics, 20(5), 999-1016.
  • Reynolds, C. Lockwood, 2012. “Where to Attend? Estimating the Effects of Beginning at a Two-year College.”, Economics of Education Review, 31(4), 345-362.
  • Thompson, Jeffery P. and Shawn M. Rohlin, 2012. "The Effect of Sales Taxes on Employment: New Evidence from Cross-Border Panel Data Analysis." National Tax Journal, 65(4), 1023-1042.
  • Williams, Donald R., 2012. “Gender Discrimination and Self-employment Dynamics in Europe,” Journal of Socio-Economics, vol. 41, 2012.
  • Blanden, Jo, Kathryn Wilson, Robert Haveman, and Timothy Smeeding, 2011. “Understanding the Mechanisms Behind Intergenerational Persistence: A Comparison Between the U.S. and U.K.,” in Persistence, Privilege, and Parenting, edited by Markus Jantti, Timothy Smeeding, and John Ermish, Russell Sage Press.
  • Dechenaux, Emmanuel, and Dan Kovenock, 2011. “Endogenous Rationing, Price Dispersion and Collusion in Capacity Constrained Supergames" Economic Theory, Vol. 47, No. 1, 29-74.
  • Dechenaux, Emmanuel, Jerry Thursby and Marie Thursby, 2011.  “Inventor Moral Hazard in University Licensing: The Role of Contracts" Research Policy, Vol. 40, No. 1, 2011, 94-104.
  • Gu, Jingping, Juan Lin and Dandan Liu, 2011.  "Estimating the Average Treatment Effect Based on Direct Estimation of the Conditional Treatment Effect." in Missing Data Methods: Cross-sectional Methods and Applications (Advances in Econometrics, Vol. 27), edited by David M. Drukker, Emerial Group Publishing Limited.
  • Hanson, Andrew, and Shawn Rohlin, 2011. “Do Location-Based Tax Incentives Attract New Business Establishments?”. Journal of Regional Science, 51, 427–449.
  • Hanson, Andrew, and Shawn Rohlin, 2011. “The Effect of Location Based Tax Incentives on Establishment Location and Employment Across Industry Sectors” Public Finance Review, 39(2), 195–225
    • Winner of the Most Outstanding Paper Award in Public Finance Review in 2011.
  • Holder, Mark E. and Richard J. Kent, 2011. “On the Art of Investing According to Keynes”, Invited Editorial Comment, Journal of Portfolio Management, 37 (Spring), 4-6.
  • Kang, Wengshang, K. Lee and R. Ratti, 2011.  “Oil Price Shocks, Firm Uncertainty and Investment”, Macroeconomic Dynamics, 15, 416-436.
  • Kang, Wengshang, 2011. “Missing-Data Imputation in Nonstationary Panel Data Models”, Advances in Econometrics, 27B, 235-251.
  • Kang, Wengshang, 2011. “Housing Price Dynamics and Convergence in High-Tech Metropolitan Economies”, Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 51, 283-291.
  • Liu, Dandan, 2011. "Learning and Estimation of the New Keynesian Phillips Curve Models." Southern Economic Journal, 78(2), 382-396.
  • Liu, Dandan and Dennis Jansen. “Does a Factor Philips Curve Help? An Evaluation of the Predictive Power for US Inflation,” Empirical Economics, 40(3), 807-826.
  • Liu, Dandan, Rui Li and Zijun Wang. “Testing for Structural Breaks in Panel Varying Coefficient Models: With an Application to OECD Health Expenditure,” Empirical Economics, 40(1), 95-118.
  • Lovenheim, Michael and C. Lockwood Reynolds, 2011. “Changes in the Post-secondary Choices of Students Across Income and Ability: Evidence from the National Longitudinal Surveys of Youth.” Journal of Human Capital, 5(1), 70-109.
  • Ellis, Michael, Eric Johnson and C. Lockwood Reynolds, 2011  “Is There an Opportunity to Improve Jet Fuel Hedging by Airlines?” Review of Futures Markets, 19(3), 281-304.
  • Rohlin, Shawn, 2011. “State Minimum Wage Rates and Business Location: Evidence from a Border Approach,” Journal of Urban Economics 69(1), 103-117.
  • Williams, Donald R., 2011. “Multiple Language Usage and Earnings in Western Europe,” International Journal of Manpower, vol. 32(4).
    • Chosen as a Highly Commended Award Winner at the Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2012.
  • Bissessar, Nicole, 2010. “The Global Diffusion of Markets and Democracy”. (Book Review). Eastern Economic Journal 36(3), 413-415.
  • Chakravarty, Sujoy, Emmanuel Dechenaux, and Jaideep Roy, 2010.  “Ill-defined versus Precise Pre-play Communication in the Traveler's Dilemma" Southern Economic Journal, 77(2), 351-368.
  • Engelhardt, Gary and Nadia Greenhalgh-Stanley, 2010. “Home Health Care and the Housing and Living Arrangements of the Elderly,” Journal of Urban Economics 67(2), 226-238.
  • Fox-Cardamone, Lee and Kathryn Wilson.  "Inequity in the Academy: A Case Study of Factors Influencing Promotion and Compensation in American Universities." Forum on Public Policy, 5.
  • Henry, L. and N. Bissessar, 2010. “Trouble in Paradise: The impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Caribbean”, Global Development Perspectives, Maryland, USA: International Development Options, Winter-Spring, 6(1-2), 128-48.
  • Kent, Richard, 2010. “Keynes as Biographer and Obituarist”, History of Economics Review, 52 (Summer), 27-40.
  • Williams, Donald R., 2010. “Educational Intensity of Employment in the EU and US,” in E. Marlier and A. Atkinson, editors, Income and Living Conditions in Europe, 2010.
  • Bissessar, Nicole, 2009. “Does Corruption Persist In Sub-Saharan Africa?”, International Advances in Economic Research, 15(3), 336-350.
  • Dawson, Paul, Michael A. Ellis, Mark E. Holder, and Richard J. Kent, 2009. “Keynes on Markets: Why Didn’t You Listen?”, Review of Futures Markets, 18 (Fall), 125-42.
  • Dechenaux, Emmanuel, and Shakun Datta Mago, 2009.  “Price Leadership and Firm Size Asymmetry: An Experimental Analysis.” Experimental Economics, 12(3), 298-317.
  • Dechenaux, Emmanuel, Jerry Thursby and Marie Thursby, 2009.  “Shirking, Sharing Risk and Shelving: The Role of University License Contracts"  International Journal of Industrial Organization, 27(1), 80-91.
  • DesJardins, Steven and C. Lockwood Reynolds, 2009. “The Use of Matching Methods in Higher Education Research:  Answering Whether Attendance at a Two-Year Institution Results in Differences in Educational Attainment” in: J. C. Smart (Ed.) Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research, Volume XXIII, 2009
  • Ellis, Michael, 2009.  “Nominal Anchors and Fiscal Reforms.” Atlantic Economic Journal, 37(September), 319-20.
  • Engelhardt, Lucas, 2009.  Comment on Young(2009): “A Capital-Based Theory of Secular Growth”, Quarterly Journal of Austrian Economics.
  • Kang, Wengshang, 2009. “Housing Portfolio Risk Reduction through High-Tech Industry Diversification”, Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management, 15, 157-171.
  • Kang, Wengshang, 2009. “Trends and Cycles of Tech-Pole Housing Prices”, Journal of Economics, 35, 61-79.
  • Kent, Richard, 2009. “Keynes’s Collected Writings, a Correction”, History of Economics Review, 49 (Winter), 61-6.
  • Ajuzie, E.I.S., F.M. Edoho, W. Kang,  M.N. Uwakonye, and G.Y. Keleta, 2008. “Import Response and Inflationary Pressures in the New Economy: The Quantity Theory of Money Revisited”, Journal of Business and Economic Research, 6, 125-140.
  • Bachmeier, Lance J. , Qi Li and Dandan Liu, 2008. “Should Oil Price Receive So Much Attention? An Evaluation of the Predictive Power of Oil Prices for the US Economy,” Economic Inquiry, Volume 46, No.4, pp.528-539.
  • Dechenaux, Emmanuel and Marakah Mancini, 2008.  “Auction-Theoretic Approach to Modeling Legal Systems: An Experimental Analysis." Applied Economics Research Bulletin, Vol.2, Special Issue I, Theoretical, Empirical and Experimental Research on Auctions, 2008, 142-177.
  • Dechenaux, Emmanuel, Brent Goldfarb, Scott Shane, and Marie Thursby, 2008.  “Appropriability and Commercialization: Evidence from MIT Inventions"  Management Science, Vol. 54, No. 5, 2008, 893-906.
  • Kent, Richard, 2008. “Estimates of Potential Output by Keynes”, History of Political Economy, 40 (Fall 2008), 551-60.
  • Dechenaux, Emmanuel and Dan Kovenock, 2007.  “Tacit Collusion and Capacity Withholding in Repeated Uniform Price Auctions” Rand Journal of Economics, Vol. 38, No. 4, 2007, 1044-1069.
  • Gu, Jingping , Dingding Li and Dandan Liu, 2007. “Bootstrap Non-parametric Significance Test,” Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, Volume 19, Nos 6-8, pp. 215-230.
  • Harrison, Glenn, Eric Johnson, Melayne Morgan McInnes and Lisa Rutstrom, 2007.  “Measurement With Experimental Controls” Measurement in Economics: A Handbook, M. Boumans (editor), Elsevier, San Diego, California 2007.
  • Haveman, Robert and Kathryn Wilson, 2007. “Economic Inequality in College Access, Matriculation, and Graduation,” in Higher Education and Inequality, edited by Stacy Dickert-Conlin and Ross Rubenstein, Russell Sage Press, 2007.
  • Kent, Richard, 2007.  “A 1929 Application of Multiplier Analysis by Keynes”, History of Political Economy, 39 (Fall 2007), 529-43.
  • Liu, Dandan, and Dennis Jansen (2007) “Macroeconomic Forecasting Using Structural Factor Analysis,” International Journal of Forecasting, Volume 23, 2007, pp. 655-677.
  • Smith, Alison and Donald R. Williams, 2007. “Father-friendly Legislation and Paternal Time Across Western Europe,” Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, Spring, 2007.
  • Cohn, Elchanan and Eric Johnson, “Class Attendance and Performance in Principles of Economics” Education Economics, Volume 14, No. 2, June 2006: pages 211-233.
  • Dechenaux, Emmanuel, Dan Kovenock and Volodymyr Lugovskyy, 2006.  “Caps on Bidding in All-Pay Auctions: Comments on the Experiments of A. Rapoport and W. Amaldoss" Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol. 61, 2006, 276-283.
  • Soumbatiants, Souren, Henry W. Chappell, Jr. and Eric Johnson, 2006.  “Using State Polls to Forecast U.S. Presidential Election Outcomes” Public Choice, Volume 127, Nos. 1-2, April 2006: pages 207-223.
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  • Wilson, Kathryn, Kristina Lambright, and Timothy Smeeding. 2006. “The Distribution of Education Expenditures: How Equal are Children’s Opportunities?,” Education Finance and Policy, 1(4):396-424.
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  • Wilson, Kathryn, Barbara Wolfe, and Robert Haveman. "The Role of Expectations in Youth Schooling Choices: Do Youths Respond to Economic Incentives,” Economic Inquiry, 43(3):467-492, 2005.
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