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Centennial Colloquium Series

All colloquia are held in McGilvrey Hall, Room 310.  Colloquia start at 2.30pm, unless otherwise noted.  Everyone is welcome for snacks in the Raup Library at 2 pm.

Fall 2014
  • Anthony Robinson, Penn State (GIS/Cartography) – August 29

  • Tim Hawthorne, Georgia State (Participatory GIS) – September 5

  • Olaf Kuhlke, UMN Duluth (Alumni) – September 19

  • Lin Liu, U. Cincinnati (Crime/Health/GIS)– September 24

  • Nik Heynen, U. Georgia (Poverty/PE) – October 3 

  • Andrea Case, Kent State (Biology) – November 14

  • Reid Coffman, Kent State (Landscape Architecture) – January 23

  • Richard Schein, Kentucky (Cultural/Historical) – February 20

  • Jeffrey S. Wilson, (GIS/Health) Indiana Purdue – March 6

  • Darla Munroe, Ohio State – April 3 (Land Change Science)

Spring 2014
  • February 14: Colloquium: Scott Sheridan, Professor, Department of Geography, Kent State University; Jackie Curtis, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Kent State University.

    • Title: "Getting Your Research Published"

  • February 28: Colloquium: Robert Cromley, Professor, University of Connecticut.

    • Title: "Living in a Geographically Weighted World: A Place-Centric Perspective"

  • March 14:  Panel: Dave Kaplan, Eric Shook

    • Conference Preparation and Etiquette

  • March 21: Colloquium: Michael Leitner, Louisiana State University
  • April 18:  Panel: Andrew Curtis, James Tyner

    • Conducting Fieldwork

  • April 25:  Colloquium: Florence Margai (KSU PhD 1991) Associate Dean of the Graduate School, Professor of Geography, State University of New York at Binghamton.

  • May 2:  Colloquium: James Tyner, Professor, Department of Geography, Kent State University.

    • Title: "Geographies of the Cambodian Genocide"

Fall 2013
  • August 23:  Departmental meet and greet / expectations of geography graduate students

  • September 6:    Surinder Bhardwaj and other geography faculty

    • NE Ohio Fieldtrip (more details will be posted here soon)

  • September 13:  Panel: Thomas Schmidlin, Department of Geography, KSU; David Dees, Interim Director of the Faculty Professional Development Center, KSU; Susan Iverson, Higher Education and Administration, KSU)

    • Effective teaching strategies

  • September 20: Colloquium: Harvey Miller, Reusche Chair in Geographic Information Science, Department of Geography, The Ohio State University.  

    • Title: Location and Cooperation:  Avoiding Collective Failures through Geographic Information Science

  • October 4:  100 year reunion event and Homecoming. Reception in the department @ 2pm

  • October 25:        East Lakes Conference (Toledo, Ohio)

  • November 1:     Colloquium: Grady Dixon, Associate Professor, Department of Geosciences, Mississippi State University. 

    • Title: "Alley Oops: Rethinking Tornado Risk Areas and Seasons"

    • Applied Geography Conference (Annapolis, Maryland)

  • November 15:   Kent State Water Symposium (University Conference Center) - co-organized by the Department of Geography

  • November 22:   Panel: Jen Mapes and Alumni

    • Preparation for a non-academic job

  • December 6:  Panel: Mandy Munro-Stasiuk, Kelly Turner

    • Preparation for an academic job

Spring 2013
  • January 25: Amoaba Gooden (Department of Pan African Studies; Adjunct in Geography, Kent State University)
    • TITLE: African Caribbean Immigrants in Canada and the United States.

  • February 8:  David Kaplan (Department of Geography, Kent State University)
    • TITLE: An American (Professor) in Paris: My year at the Université Paris 8

  • February 15: Matthew Mitchelson (Department og Geography and Anthropology, Kennesaw State University)

    • TITLE: 'Up the River' and 'Down the Road': the Prison is a Migratory Space
  • January and February: Please note we will be interviewing for the new GIS position.  There will be at least three more research colloquia associated with the search.  These colloquia may occur at different times than the regular colloquia slot.

  • March 15: Catherine Nolin  (Department of Geography, University of Northern British Columbia, B.C. Canada)
    • TITLE: Witnessing "development": Bare life and the violence of the extractive and energy industries on indigenous lands in Guatemala.

  • April 19: Don Mitchell  (Department of Geography, Syracuse University)
    • TITLE: Prospect: Organized Resistance, Persistent Landscapes, and Sculpted Futures at the End of the Bracero ("Guest Worker") Program in California.
Fall 2012
  • September 21:  Velvet Nelson (Department of Geography and Geology, Sam Houston State University).
    • TITLE:  Slovenia, Slovakia, One of those Depressing Eastern European Countries: The Challenge of Constructing Slovenia as a Tourism Destination
  • September 28:  Bimal Paul (Department of Geography, Kansas State University) 
    • TITLE: The 2011 Joplin, Missouri, Tornado:  Explaining Record Deaths, Warning Response, and Geography of Deaths
  • November 2:  Walter Gershon (School of Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum Studies, Kent State University). Author of The Collaborative Turn: Working Together in Qualitative Research (Sense Publishing, 2009).
    • TITLE: Cartographies that Sound and Multisensory Atlases: Critical Geographic Possibilities at the Nexus of Research, Curriculum and the Senses
  • November: Please note we will be interviewing for the urban geography position thus there will at least three research colloquiia associated with the search.  These colloquia may occur at different times.
Spring 2012
  • January and February: Six research colloquia by perspective new hires in Geography.  Please check your e-mail and notices around the department. These will deviate from the regular colloquium time.
  • March 30:  Dr. Jason Senkbeil (Department of Geography, University of Alabama)
    • TITLE: Tornado hazard perception and preparedness: Suggestions for improving warning communication and safety recommendations
  • April 20: Dr. Derek Alderman (Department of Geography, East Carolina University)
    • TITLE:  Pushing the RESET Button on "Southern Hospitality:" African Americans Belonging & Socially Responsible  Tourism Geographies

  • April 27:  Dr. David Nemeth (Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toledo)
    • TITLE: Elaborations on an 'Extreme Geography'"  (XG) Extreme human Geography.
Fall 2011
  • September 9: Edith Scarletto (Kent State University Libraries)
    • TITLE: Research and Library Resources
  • September 16: James Tyner (Department of Geography, Kent State University)
  • TITLE: Genocide and the Constitution of Cambodia: From James Madison to Pol Pot
  • September 23: Darren Bade (Department of Biology, Kent State University)
    • TITLE: Should We Care about Nitrogen in Lake Erie?
  • September 30: Marie O'Neill (School of Public Health, University of Michigan)
    • TITLE: Heat waves and health-research and application
  • October 14: Nicholas Dunning (Department of Geography, University of Cincinnati)
    • TITLE: Chan Ik: Hurricanes as a Disruptive Force in the Maya Lowlands
  • October 28: Mandy Munro-Stasiuk (Department of Geography, Kent State University)
    • TITLE: Spatial and Physical Characteristics of Rejolladas: Implications for Understanding Ancient Maya Settlement Patterns
  • November 18: Chris Uejio (Post-doc, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention & the National Center for Atmospheric Research)
    • TITLE: John Snow 2.0: Future Directions in Geography and Environmental Health
Spring 2011
  • January 28: Joseph Ortiz (Department of Geology, Kent State University)
    • TITLE: Inter-hemispheric constraints on Holocene variations in the Atlantic Meridional Circulation
  • February 18: James Vaughan (Southwest Texas State University)
    • TITLE: The Name Game: The Co-option of Place Names
  • February 25: Joshua Inwood (Department of Geography, University of Tennessee)
    • TITLE:  And the Walls (Just Might) Come Tumbling Down:  Race, Violence and Death in a Southern Mill Town
  • March 4: Emariana Taylor (Department of Geography, Kent State University)
    • TITLE: Individual-based Ecological Model of Urban Resource Patch Use by Mexican Free-tailed Bats in Central Texas
  • April 1: Student AAG presentations
  • April 8: Student AAG presentations
  • April 29: Nadia Greenhalgh-Stanley (Economics, Kent State University)
    • TITLE: Food Deserts and Food Insecurity Among the Elderly
Fall 2010
  • September 3: Departmental welcome meeting
  • September 10: Edith Scarletto (Library Resources)
  • September 24: Sarah Smiley, Salem Campus
    • TITLE: Expatriates and Exclusion in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
  • October 15th: Tim Anderson, Ohio University
    • TITLE: Early Settlement in the Ohio Country: Migration, Ethnicity, and the Creation of Ohio's Regional Cultural Landscapes.
  • November 12th: Steve Oluic, Lake College (Title: TBA)
  • November 18th: Geography Awareness Day Panel
Spring 2010
  • January 29: Maggie Stedman-Smith, Public Health, KSU
    • TITLE:Living with the Landscape: using photovoice to depict mothers' concerns about pesticide exposure in the Red River Basin of the North
  • February 5: Patrick Lawrence, Department of Geography and Planning, University of Toledo
    • TITLE: GIS and Remote Sensing Applications for Watershed Planning and Land Use Management in the Maumee Watershed, NW Ohio
  • March 12:  Jarrod Burks, Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc. (Joint colloquium with Anthropology)
    • TITLE: American Archaeology and the Geophysics Revolution: a New Age of Discovery
  • March 19:  Brian Mikelbank, Levin College of Urban Affairs, Cleveland State University
    • TITLE: Deja vu all over again: metrolopitan neighborhood classification 1970-2000
  • April 9:    AAG Practice Event - Grad Students

  • May 7: Debs Ghosh, Geography, KSU

    • TITLE: HIV/AIDS in India: Knowledge and Access to Treatment and Care
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