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Florence Courses Offered

The academic coursework fit in perfectly with my semester, and I will achieve my degree in 4 years as planned. Though I was enrolled in 19 credit hours and two Honors courses, I would not recommend that students pile so much on their plates. Traveling on the weekends was a life-learning experience because you're doing it with others who want to get as much out of the opportunity as possible, and more homework than you need will just subtract your time from exploring the continent.  

-Ivy, applied communication (CCI Florence semester Spring 2011)

Course offerings for CCI Florence are designed to keep students focused on and advancing in their majors, while also giving them ample opportunities to learn about the extraordinary city, the amazing country, and the fascinating continent they are living in.

Florence is a rich community of academics, scholars, and artists. KSU Florence faculty members are from leading Italian and European academic institutions, as well as from Kent State University or its partner institutions. All CCI Florence faculty members have been approved by the College of Communication and Information at Kent State University.


CCI students are required to take the following –

1. (6 credits) Two of the four CCI courses offered (detailed course information below):

Intercultural Communication
Comparative Media
Practicum in European Media
Italian Cinema

2. (3 – 4 credits) Italian language at the appropriate level:

•    ITAL 15201 - ELEMENTARY ITALIAN I – An introduction to the Italian language in the context of Italian culture. No Prerequisite.   4 Credit Hours
•    ITAL 15202 - ELEMENTARY ITALIAN II – A continuation of ITAL 15201. Prerequisite: ITAL 15201.  4 Credit Hours
•    ITAL 25201 - INTERMEDIATE ITALIAN I – Continued development of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills using a variety of cultural materials. Prerequisite: ITAL 15202.   3 Credit Hours

•    ITAL 25202 - INTERMEDIATE ITALIAN II – Continuation of ITAL 25201. Prerequisite: ITAL 25201. 3 Credit Hours

3. (1 credit) The Genius of Florence

4. (1 credit) Multimedia Experiential Learning

5. (3 credits) One additional course from the available choices on the Florence schedule:

Courses offerings may change, but generally available are

ARTH 42095 Italian Art from Giotto to Bernini (1300-1680) (Honors available)

CLAS 21405 The Roman Achievement

ECON 42295 International Business (Honors available)

HIST 41014 Europe in the Renaissance 

POL 40995 European Issues (Honors available)

PSYCH 11762  General Psychology

The above six-course required curriculum equals 15 to 16 credits, depending on the Italian course chosen.

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Review course details below, and work with your academic advisor to determine the best choices for you. CCI faculty have been very helpful in approving study abroad courses as substitutes for standard requirements.

Comparative Media
Cross-listed as JMC 40009 / COMM45091 – 3 credits
Francesca Passeri

This course examines the relevance of media, traditional and modern, in contemporary society, looking at similarities and differences among specific media, historical periods, disciplines and perspectives. It focuses on social and cultural interaction with technologies and on the use of media in everyday life from the perspectives of sociology and cultural anthropology. Classical theories will be presented along with a wide range of examples and audiovisual materials. To get an inside look at Italian communication systems, this course will include visits to Corriere della Sera, the most prestigious newspaper in Italy and to other communication firms. Prerequisite: None.

Intercultural Communication
COMM 35852 – 3 credits
Fabio Corsini

This course examines how culture influences communication, how to identify barriers to intercultural communication, how to improve communication skills in intercultural situations, and how to apply theories and concepts of intercultural communication to the real world. Prerequisite: None

Practicum in European Media
Cross-listed as JMC 40095 / COMM45091 – 3 credits
Tommaso Bernabei

Students work in teams, employing their existing skills and learning new skills to create various multimedia products. Past semesters students have created documentaries about Italian art and several local museums, marketing materials for the Kent State Office of Global Education, and video essays about life and culture in Florence. Prerequisite: CCI Florence cohort only.

Italian Cinema
CCI 40095 – 3 credits
Tina Fallani Benaim

This course introduces students to Italian Cinema, from Neorealism through "new auteurs" like Fellini and Antonioni, and on through the 1970s to the present and the latest developments of the Italian film industry. Films will be analyzed as decoded historical evidence of parallel social history. Screenings will include such masterpieces as Open City, The Bicycle Thief, and Life if Beautiful. Prerequisite: None

The Genius of Florence
COMM 45091 – 1 credit
Fabrizio Ricciardelli

CCI Florence students often spend so much time traveling that they forget what an amazing city they live in. This course is designed to give students a brief introduction to the genius and uniqueness of Florence and an understanding of what defines the city and its people. Course meetings will take place mostly at relevant locations, such as churches, streets, and museums, rather than in the classroom, as the purpose of the course is to begin to familiarize the students with the city and to train their eyes to notice and comprehend what is around them. Prerequisite: None.

Multimedia Experiential Learning
CCI 40095 – 1 credit
Fabio Corsini

This course will allow students to have a deeper understanding of their study abroad experience in Florence by projecting, developing and editing multimedia products (mainly articles, but also blog entries, pictures and videos) about their academic and extra-curricular experiences while living in Florence.  Student will also develop a direct collaboration with the editors in chief of Prerequisite: CCI Florence Cohort only

European Issues
POL 40995 – 3 credits

Europe and the US share many aspects, but are, at the same time, also characterized by interesting differences. Historical and structural reasons also lead to different political and societal realities, further differentiated between the more than 40 independent European countries. Following this logic, contemporary European issues will be presented in this course, with a focus on politics, but also on economics, various aspects of the society, (contemporary and modern) history, and culture. A further goal of the course is to render the students familiar with the environment in which they live and travel. Prerequisite: None.

Italian Art from Giotto to Bernini
ARTH 42095 – 3 credits

This course investigates the rich artistic output of Italy from Giotto to Bernini - from the early Tuscan Renaissance to the Roman Baroque. Emphasis is placed on understanding painting, sculpture, architecture, and urban design within broad cultural and historical contexts and on seeing and closely analyzing them in their original, intended locations. Attention will also be placed on the ways that Italy’s regional diversities and rivalries during this period created a range of sharply distinct styles and "schools." Illustrated lectures in class will be complemented by guided trips to see many artworks and monuments in Florence, Venice and Rome. Prerequisite: None.

Europe in the Renaissance
HIST 41014 – 3 credits

Analysis of the various factors leading Europe from a rural, feudal, ecclesiastical society to one characterized by urbanism, trade, secularism and the state. Prerequisite: Junior standing.
The Roman Achievement CLAS 21405 – 3 credits
A survey of the cultural achievements of the ancient Romans as manifested in their literature and art from the Etruscans through the Christians. Prerequisite: None.

General Psychology
PSYCH 11762 – 3 credits

Introduction to the scientific approach to understanding human behavior and mental processes such as emotions, perceptions and cognitions. Topics may include personality, social and environmental factors, biological aspects of behavior and the experience of emotion and psychological disorders. Prerequisite: none.

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