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Ohio Banner Users Group (OBUG) 2014 Conference 

Session Descriptions

Module    Title    Description    Presenter   
Accounts Receivable    Making Banner Deposits Work for You    Explore standard functionality of Banner Deposits and some creative uses of Deposits at John Carroll University (JCU). Review the requirement at JCU to collect a housing security deposit when students enter, use it to pay any damage charges that occur, refund the balance as needed. Custom processes were written to support.    Dennis Rowinski & Diane Ward (John Carroll University)   
Advancement    Advancement Product Update    Hear about the latest Advancement Product Roadmap updates    Carla Norris (Ellucian)   
Advancement    Advancement Birds of a Feather    Share Advancement success stories and common challenges    Carla Norris (Ellucian)   
CIO    Leverage Collaborative Resources    Discussion of our schools working together on a joint contract to reduce maintenance costs.    Jerry Hourigan (Cuyahoga Community College)   
CIO    Ohio-Wide Collaboration for Ellucian Campuses    A gathering of all the Ohio Ellucian campuses for a conversation about potential collaboration around common Ellucian topics. 

There is great potential for Ohio to speak to Ellucian with a strong voice on many issues of common interest.  There are 30 Banner schools and probably another 20 or more other Ellucian schools across the state.   Since many of Ellucian's products are becoming "platform independent," we may find that some type of merged collaboration may help us with pricing, contracts and other shared services.    Jerry Hourigan (Cuyahoga Community College)   
CIO    Ellucian Strategies    Overview of Ellucian's strategies for all platforms.    Darin Surrey, Lori Mauthe and others (Ellucian)   
Finance    Banner P-Card Module    Join us to learn more about the current functionality of the Banner Finance P-Card module and see some of the creative things that Oberlin College has done to make better use of the module and enhance its functionality. Ellucian will be on hand to share the latest P-Card updates released in Banner Finance 8.9.    James Klaiber (Oberlin)   
Finance    Banner Finance Fixed Assets    Setup and best practices.  Some schools rushed to implement when GASB 34/35 implemented, but the module wasn't fully set up and may not be utilized as well as can be, so some are interested in revisiting it and correcting.    Andrew Unger (Ellucian)   
Finance    Finance Rules/Edits    Understanding Banner Finance Rules and Edits and how they can be customized. Session taken from Ellucian Live! last year: "How Well Do You Understand the Guts of Banner Finance?" Newer users to Finance do not understand nor realize the power behind the rule codes and edits that can be placed on them.    Andrew Unger (Ellucian)   
Finance    Banner Finance BOF    Time to talk about things like - Attributes/GASB Attributes; Bank Reconciliation; Extended Search, version used/upgrade plans and new user training strategies    Andrew Unger (Ellucian)   
Financial Aid    Behind the Scenes of Satisfactory Academic Progress    Learn how the University of Toledo meets federal regulations for Satisfactory Academic Progress using Banner. An overview of SAP, the regulations behind it and how we use these guidelines to stay in compliance will be discussed. Time will be given to review best practices.    Jonathan Woolf and Stephanie Goller (University of Toledo)   
Financial Aid    Financial Aid Programs & Processes Roundtable    Roundtable session to discuss Financial Aid programs/processes that have been built, and allow all of us to perform tasks more efficiently and to share technology.    Steven Minnich and Krystn Hood (Kent State University)   
General    Easy, Breezy, Banner Upgrades    An overview of our approach to Banner Upgrades. Our discussion will include scheduling upgrades, testing, introducing new functionality, and production implementation.     Carole Pegoraro, Heather Auld, and Stacy Lease (Kent State)   
General    Conducting a Business Process Analysis (BPA)    Learn the value of conducting Business Process Analysis in your projects and tips on how to facilitate a BPA.    Lisa Steigmann-Gall and Holly Slocum (Kent State)   
General    Project Risk Management Simulation    Have you ever missed a project deadline because of an unexpected event?  If yes, you don't want to miss attending this Project Risk Management simulation.  In just 50 minutes, you will learn and experience how to quickly Identify Risks, complete a Qualitative Risk Assessment, Rank Risks and Plan Risk Responses.    Barb McClintick (Kent State)   
General    Networking Simulation    Growth and progress happen when people are free to connect and share information.     In this Networking simulation, you will learn how to connect, not just meet, others and share information in a way that enables all parties to quickly achieve their goals, including yours.    Barb McClintick (Kent State)   
General    OBUG Module Manager Birds of a Feather    Gather to discuss the future module meetings and how Ellucian can bring value to the groups.    Shelley Sherwin (Kent State) and Lori Mauthe (Ellucian)   
General    Effectively Coordinating Projects and Operational Work
In a perfect world, we'd all be able to work towards our organization's strategic goals without interruption. However, we have to balance our long-term goals against short-term operating objectives, for example, operational work and projects. During this presentation we'll share the best practices for tracking time, allocating resources and setting expectations for a complex mix of project work and operational obligations.
Coleen Santee (Kent State) and Jason Ehmann (TeamDynamix)   
General    Ellucian Cloud Services Overview    Relieve your campus of the complexity of managing a data center and How you can provide 24x7 help desk services for technical and student success assistance for your faculty, staff and students without increasing your headcount.    Pete Loncar (Ellucian)   
Human Resources    On Demand Subscription Library Demonstration    Keeping your staff up to date with continuous learning - come see the new Delivery Platform for online Ellucian Training    Debbie Romero (Ellucian)   
Human Resources    Training Strategy    Do you have a Training Strategy for your staff? Please join the discussion for how to get started with a plan.    Debbie Romero (Ellucian)   
Human Resources    Alternate Uses for PHAMTIM    This session will instruct you on creative ways to use the Mass Time page (PHAMTIM) in the Banner Human Resources payroll process. Some of these ways include drop-in pay amounts (supplemental pays), using a spreadsheet to load payments like shoe and uniform allowances, adding activation and termination records to jobs, loading PHAMTIM special rates simultaneously, and using PHAMTIM to change labor distributions.    Lisa Heilman & Tricia Grove (Kent State)   
Human Resources    Supplemental Data Engine    Learn how Kent State University uses the Supplemental Data Engine module in Banner Human Resources. We'll discuss both the setup and use, as well as many of the solutions to issues that we encountered using the Supplemental Data Engine. Uses in State reporting purposes in NBAJOBS, PPAIDEN, and PTRBDCA forms.    Lisa Heilman & Tricia Grove (Kent State)   
Human Resources    Automating Time and Attendance with Banner for Payroll, Scheduling and Student Work Study Tracking    This session will cover some of the hottest topics that our current higher education customers are contending with. We will focus on the use of new technologies for mobile data collection and time and attendance management and how this all ties directly into your Banner system. We will be discussing challenges in tracking events with regular and volunteer employees and what you need to capture to assist in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. We will also cover Student Federal Work Study Award tracking.    Scott Mowery (Tracy, Inc.)   
Human Resources    Human Resources Birds of a Feather    Join your HR counterparts to discuss issues, share solutions, and learn from each other.    Barb Rardin (Owens Community)   
Luminis    Luminis 5 Roadmap    What is new with Luminis 5?  What is next?  Migration path from Luminis 4, connection with Ellucian Mobile.    Alan Hansen (Ellucian)   
Luminis    Luminis 5.1 BOF    Join us for an open discussion on Luminis, including migrating from Luminis IV to 5 and highlights from Ellucian Live.    Jared Boehm (Kent State)   
PowerCampus    Ellucian Mobile for PowerCampus    A PowerCampus school experience with Ellucian Mobile.    Brian Rellinger at Ohio Wesleyan University   
PowerCampus    Ellucian Unified Portal Strategy    Ellucian Unified Portal from beta to production    Scott Ginder (University of Mount Union)   
PowerCampus    PowerCampus BOF    Time to talk about PowerCampus at your Institution    Lori Mauthe (Ellucian)   
PowerCampus    Dynamics GP Business Portal    Discuss how to leverage the power of the GP Business portal for Finance.    Mark Kolenz (University of Mount Union)   
PowerCampus    Birds of a Feather - Academic Records in PowerCampus    birds of a feather session on Powercampus Academic Records    Wendy Lewis (University of Mount Union)   
PowerCampus    Use PowerUp to Import New Students    Learn about setting up and using PowerUp to import new students.    Dave Bernat (University of Mount Union)   
PowerCampus    Upgrading Powercampus & Self Service    Our process for upgrading PowerCampus and Self-Service    Mark Kolenz and Scott Ginder (University of Mount Union)   
Reporting    KSU Cognos Karate Belt Series:  Encouraging Employees to Master the Art of Business Intelligence    At Kent State, we needed a way to empower end users to create their own reports using Cognos.  Learn how the Training Coordinator and the Reporting Team worked together to create the Cognos Karate Belt System.  This system is a series of hands-on classes that are designed to help Kent State University functional users learn multiple report writing skills and best practices. 

This session will go over the steps we used to create the lessons and review some of the levels.  This presentation will be an overview of the resources we used, staff we consulted, how we marketed the series and lessons learned.    Francine Murphy (Kent State University)   
Reporting    OBUG*C Reporting Group    Discuss Reporting issues, share solutions, and learn from your peers.    Chris Muller and Becky Benya (Kent State)   
Reporting    Toad for Functional/Technical Analysts – Expanding the Reach and Collaboration    Demonstration of how the Dell Toad product family can provide the Technical Analyst 's the ability to reach the necessary data, regardless of source (Oracle, SQL   Server, Excel, BI Solutions) to visualize, analyze, report, export and  collaborate.   Including automation, dynamic charting and visualization, publishing data  sets and files to a  collaborative centralized server.    John Nesbitt, Dell Software   
Reporting    Keep it Together. Better BI With a Joint Dictionary/Catalog/Request System    Business intelligence gives users access to data and establishes a shared understanding of data terminology, sources, and functions. Developing documentation is labor intensive, and updating it is a chore, especially when it's not integrated into the rest of the reporting environment. This presentation demonstrates how Denison University designed and implemented a custom wiki tool that integrates a data dictionary, report/data request tracker, report catalog, and change management system to keep everyone on the same page.    Aaron Fuleki and Meredith Pritchard (Denison University)   
Student    Automating High School Transcript Processing with Parchment    Learn how Parchment Premium helped Kent State automate imaging high school transcripts and other documents to save processing time, resources, and the routing of paper documents. This project also included Self Service Banner, Reporting, and Communication pieces to make it a success.    Dawn Sharnsky, Holly Slocum, and Amy Szydlowski (Kent State University)   
Student    Partnering on the Development of Banner XE Advising/Student Profile    Learn about the progress and process of  Advising Banner XE Beta partnership efforts.    Joanna Liedel, Barb Boltz and Gary Young (Kent State)    
Student    Second Good Year with Banner Self-Service Online Application    Ohio Northern University just started its second year with the Banner Self-Service Recruiting and Admissions Performance online application. We will share how we created our online admissions application and what changes we made in the second year. We will also discuss the benefits of going straight to Banner.    Marcia Prater, Ohio Northern University   
Student    Recruiter - the future of Recruiting and Admissions    Come see how Recruiter can ehnance the effectiveness of your recruitng and admissions process.  Collaboration, reporting and metrics to attract and admit the best students for your institution.    Timothy Enright (Ellucian) and Brian Geraghty (Ellucian)   
Student    Student Schedule Planning: Plays Important Role in Graduation Initiative    More and more institutions are striving to raise graduation rates and increase service to their students.  With the common goal of helping students complete the college educations that prepare them for the real world. Mike Ayers, Director of Operations with College Scheduler will speak of the programs in place to support students achieving this goal.  Looking at reports of the student planning process will offer effective steps & strategies to improve your current enrollment management and registration practices. Assuring your students have an efficient registration process to maximize the potential of each semester can directly attribute to increasing on-time graduation at your institution.    Mike Ayers (College Scheduler)   
Student    Banner XE Registration – the New User Experience    Banner Registration and Degree Works integration - the future of your student registration experience    Ed Hauser (Ellulcian)   
Student    Banner XE - Student Profile and Block Registration    The future of Banner Student XE - learn what is new    Ed Hauser (Ellulcian)   
Student    Student BIrds of a Feather    Come share experiences and brag about your success stories    Ed Hauser (Ellulcian)   
Technical    XE Training Investigation    Discuss value of a Technical Workshop for XE Application Development    Andrea Nunley (Kent State)   
Technical    Banner XE Update - Roadmap    Banner XE - where we are and what is next.    Alan Hansen (Ellucian)   
Technical    Banner XE Technical Update    The nuts and bolts - or the groovy and grails of Banner XE    Alan Hansen (Ellucian)   
Technical    Banner Data Defense    Banner Data Defense - What the solution can do for you    Michele Tursi, Mike Kennedy (Ellucian) and Bob Zeolla (Oracle)   
Technical    Banner Exadata    Ellucian and Oracle co-present the option of Exadata for your Banner enviornment.    Michele Tursi, Mike Kennedy (Ellucian) and Bob Zeolla (Oracle)   
Technical    TBD      Oracle   
Technical    TBD      Oracle   
Technical - Mobile    Ellucian Mobile App – Platform Edition    The UD Mobile Apps team will be launching a pretty robust mobile application built on the Ellucian Mobile platform.  Go live will be in February.    Mark Lamana (University of Dayton)   
Technical - Mobile    Ellucian Mobile gets you closer    Go Mobile - how to be in the palm of the hands of your students    Michele Tursi, Mike Kennedy (Ellucian) and Remote from Ellucian.   
Workflow    Evolution of Workflow at Kent State, from Vanilla to MVC    Timeline and quick overview of our workflows that will highlight improvements we made in technology, development lifecycle, and lessons learned along the way.    Tony Laurene (Kent State University)   

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