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Faculty Appreciation Week Shoutouts

Kent State Faculty Shoutouts

Dr. Mark Kretovics
Dr. K,

You are one of the best professors I've ever met. Your advices and guidance helps me a lot in my both professional and personal life. I always enjoy your classes! Thank you.

Your Doctoral HIED Student
Dr. Ning Kuang- Chuang
Great professor not only in teaching but also continuously supports her students outside of the classroom. Dr. Chuang always encouraged me to go further and not give up. Her guidance and patience along with her professional expertise are remarkable!! Thanks for everything!!!!!
Margie Iagulli
Margie, Thanks for being such an amazing professor. You are kind, generous, understanding and all the above. You truly are the best teacher we could ever ask for!
Your Rad Tech Students of 2014!
Dr. Wilson
One of the best.
Dr Leslie
You are an amazing and wonderful teacher, you have inspired and motivated me in so many ways. I wish you continued success in your future endeavors.
Ms. Cheryl Peterman
Gene Shelton
Gene, you continue to inspire me to do more, be more, and live more. You teach not only through lectures and notes, but you teach life lessons. You've been a positive impact on my life as well as my academics since we first met. I hope you continue to touch lives for years to come.
Marvin Logan
Ruth Ann Mullen & Janeen Kotsch
The best preceptors ever!!!
Karen Golba
Dr. Mary Parr
You are such a great inspiration to me and you are incredibly knowledgeable in the field of parks and recreation! 
Diana Fleming
Thank you for teaching me about medication administration in Nursing of Adults. I am grateful to have had you as one of my clinical instructors here at Kent State.
Lisa Sanchez
Tamara Fox
I am thankful to have had you as my first nursing clinical instructor. Is there any way you would consider teaching senior level clinicals next Fall or Spring? :)
Lisa Sanchez
Gustav Medicus
You are a wonderful teacher, you make learning art sooo much fun. You also know how to be very funny during lectures. You are also a very easy teacher to talk to you and you always make a person feel like they are your best friend.

You Rock Man!!!
Dr, Jocelyn Folk
You are amazing and deserve a huge hug!! Because of your kindness, generosity and care, I am in a position that I will be graduating next May!! After 2 attempts to finish my degree at Kent, you made the old cliche' three is a charm come true a few years ago helping me finally navigate all the red tape. 

Thank you! 
Dr. Linda Spurlock
Best teacher ever! Human Evolution was my favorite class and she knew everything about it. She is well-traveled and she is very knowledgable and just overall an amazing person!
Dr. Martha Merrill
You are an amazing educator and I really do appreciate all the time you put into your work within and outside of the classroom. The class I took with you truly changed my perspective and how I look at Higher Education. Thank you!
A first-year master's student
Dr. Mark Kretovics
Dr. K, thank you so much for the passion that you have for this program. I don't know if I would have ended up at Kent State if it wasn't for my admissions interview with you!

P.S. I am actually looking forward to taking Business in the Fall!
A first-year master's student
Dr. Erica Eckert
Dr. Eckert, you're constantly the sunshine in my week. No matter what kind of day I'm having, you always make it so much better! Everything I've learned with you has been so useful and has helped me to become a much better professional, and I can't say thank you enough!
A HIED Student
Dr. Erica Eckert
Dr. Eckert, you're constantly the sunshine in my week. No matter what kind of day I'm having, you always make it so much better! Everything I've learned with you has been so useful and has helped me to become a much better professional, and I can't say thank you enough!
A HIED Student
Dr. Erica Eckert
Dr. Eckert, you're constantly the sunshine in my week. No matter what kind of day I'm having, you always make it so much better! Everything I've learned with you has been so useful and has helped me to become a much better professional, and I can't say thank you enough!
A HIED Student
Dr. Martha Merrill
Привет Dr. Merrill!
When I count my blessings, I count you twice. It's such an honor for me to be your student and learn from you. I do admire your dedication to your profession, as well as support and guidance you provide to your students.
Вы самая лучшая! Спасибо Вам за все!
Your Doctoral HIED Student
Mark W. Kershner
Thank you for being so wicked cool! Honestly you are one of a kind, you love what you do and it shows. Your lectures are fun and interactive and labs are unforgettable. So yeah, thanks! 
Dr. Anthony Molina
Hi Professor Molina! Your class, Introduction to Public Administration, has definitely been a favorite of mine! Though it was online, I interacted more with my classmates on the forums than I did in some classroom settings! I took away so much from that course. Thanks so much! Looking forward to the other courses you teach in the MPA program.
Sandi Thouvenin
Dr. Martha Merill
Dr. Merill, every time I sit in your class I am reminded of your absolute brilliance. You are all of what I hope to be for education one day, and if I measure up even half way, I will count myself successful. While you are brilliant, your teaching style is also so accessible. Thank you for be a patient, amazing, intelligent professor and guide for myself and for us all.
First year HIED student
Dave Purcell
Kent's loss-Cincy's gem!
Professor Wollenzier
After taking Mrs.Wollenzier for college writing 1 my freshman year and then college writing 2 my sophomore year, she will always be one of my favorite professors. She's passionate about what she does, she genuinely cares about you and wants you to learn and do well. I refer anyone I know who has to take college writing to her. She's an amazing person and deserves to be recognized for that.
Tiffany Kish
Craig Zamary
You are one of the best professors I have ever had. Such a genuinely nice person that cares so much about helping your students achieve their goals. You have been an inspiration to me throughout my time here at Kent State. I will always look back and be grateful for all the help and support you had to offer as I started my first company. Thank you so much for everything you have done and continue to do!! 
Britney Meece
Dr. Chinn
S/O to Dr. Chinn, who've helped me get through this semester. I know she probably gets tired of seeing my face but she is always there to help. Thanks Dr. Chinn, I really appreciate it!!!
Denise Easterling
You have inspired me throughout my entire journey at Kent State University. I am so thankful to have had you as a professor and that my experience at Kent State allowed us to cross paths! I will always look back and remember how much it meant to me that you genuinely care about your students and their success. Thank you for everything you have done!
Britney Meece
Stephanie Brown
She has taught me so much about leadership - not by telling me how but by showing me how. I am constantly amazed at how much and how well she balances so many things and I am so grateful to have the privelage to learn from such an incredibly amazing woman!!
Victoria Watson
Dr. Abigail Bowers
Dr. B has been such a huge inspiration to me. I am absolutely enthralled in her writing classes. She encouraged me to reach for a goal I was too afraid to pursue and is helping me along the journey. I cannot express how wonderful she is!
Victoria Watson
Kerri Lochmueller
Math has never been my strong point, to me 2+2=5. I was so scared for Modeling Algebra and just knew I would fail. Honestly, if I had not had Kerri as my Professor would never be able to make it through the course. She teaches in a way that even I can understand and is so kind and caring. She is literally the best math professor Kent has to offer!

Victoria Watson
Professor Ron Jarvis
I have Professor Ron Jarvis for my Art of the Theatre class. Professor Jarvis has a way of teaching that is not only interesting, but full of energy. He welcomes feedback and questions at anytime, which creates a very open environment. That environment, in turn, creates deeper critical thinking and learning.
We have practicum hours we need to fulfill for our class by assisting the Theatre Department in some way. I had the fantastic opportunity to be the sound design assistant for both Cat's Paw and Our House. I had not had any prior experience in sound before. Professor Jarvis taught me to use all the different programs to create sound designs for a play, and put it all into place. It was an honor to learn from him and be a part of the theatrical events in such a direct way. I look forward to taking his sound deign classes in the future, and gaining the knowledge he so effectively and willingly shares. Thank you, Professor Jarvis!
Lynda Wilkinson
Laurie Donley
Thanks for attending and supporting Rose and The Rime. We had so much fun.
Tracey Motter
Thank you so much for being an inspiration to me- as a student , educator, and.... patient. I always appreciate your support, ideas, and smile. Thank you for all that you have been for me- as a teacher, leader... And nurse.
Melissa Dyer
Jie Chen
Thanks for putting up with me through engineering drawing. I believe we now have better communication and i enjoyed your technical computing class!
Dr. Craig Paulenich
An inspiring professor. Your College Writing class is awesome!!!
Graduate Faculty in the College of Nursing
Instructors/Faculty just don't describe the extraordinary people in the College of Nursing to the degree in which they assist our students.  These people have your life, your family and friend’s life in their hands.  The caliber of the graduates that complete their degree is a tribute to Kent State University.  The passion these faculty members have is amazing.  Thank you for all that you do.
Tiffany Kiphart
I love are amazing
Prof. Jennifer Hostutler
Shoutout to Prof. Hostutler for being a good teacher this semester. Happy Faculty Appreciation Week
Joe Fisher
Just wanted to say thanks for the clinical experience with you in Primary Care 1.  I really admire how you take care of patients and took away many pearls that I hope to use in the future.
Tim Schnick
Dr. Gerbig
Dr. Gerbig is a sensational Biological Structure and Function teacher! He is extremely knowledgeable in his field of study and always willing to patiently answer my many email questions:) I feel very blessed to have benefited from his skills and couldn't have asked for a better teacher! Thank you, Dr. Gerbig, for your hard work!
Greg Blundell
Both in and out of the classroom, Greg demonstrates a remarkable acumen and command over leadership in business, finance, business development, business culture, commerce and associated technologies.  Greg regularly incorporates global as well as local events into classroom discussions to further students’ understanding which can also inspire meaningful application while expanding our enlightenment.  He utilizes exceptional methods, communication skills and unique learning exercises that empower students to make substantial integrations into and between our individual and aggregated, academic and professional endeavors.  Among my classmates and peers, Greg is one of the most popular and respected professors on the Stark campus.  We recognize Greg to be approachable, accessible, sensible, logical and reasonable.  Greg is an asset to Kent State University and to Higher Education.
Don Tatum
Dr. Carol Sedlak
As a student of Dr. Sedlak, I was incredibly impressed by her dedication to her nursing students and the advancements of nursing education.  She has been an inspiration to me.  She challenges her students to be the best they can be.  She is a wonderful teacher and I learned so much from her.  Thank you, Dr. Sedlak, for all your hard work.

Kelly Lachner, MSN graduate December 2013
Bethany C. Prudner
You have taught me so much this semester.  I never had biology in high school and never in college until this semester.  We had a rocky start but we are finally getting into the groove of things and this semester is almost over.  You are a young teacher that was very new to our campus and I felt you adapted to the environment and us as in students very well.  Your there for us when we have a problem and don't understand biology.  I can't imagine having a better biology professor than you.  Thanks for being such a great biology professor.
Dr.Jennifer Cunningham
Dear Dr.Jen,
I want to give a big thank you to you. You have made my college experience even better than my high school experience and I've learned so much from you. You are not only a great teacher but your fun, young and you make class interesting. So you are definitely not boring. :) Don't ever stop being a great teacher and remember that you are NOT old.  I wouldn't mind taking another one of your classes sometime in the near future. Keep up the great work Dr.Jen. :) Again thank you for everything. One of the best teachers I've ever had. :)
Bre'onna Cochrane
Joe Fisher
Mr. Fisher is awesome!!  He has challenged me to be a better nurse through the aspects of Pharmacology and is inspiring me to be a great Nurse Practitioner!!  He coaches and supports our thought process every Tuesday night!! 

Thank You Joe Fisher!!!
Professor Wheeler
I just wanted to say it has been a great 3 years with you and I am sure I speak for everyone when I say you will be missed very much. I am not sure how I will go on in the Business Program without you!!! After 8 classes with you I may have issues!! Good Luck with the next chapter of your life!!!!!
Mindy Windler
Marie Hickey
Marie gets it! She lives and understands the life of a student. She is the first to pick you up when you fall, and the first to applaud your success. Her knowledge, motivation and compassion set her apart from the rest. Marie Hickey truly represents the mission of Kent State University and the College of Nursing.
David Bowers
Makes class fun!
Dr. David Perusek
Ashtabula Campus

Hopefully, a teacher excels at changing what you know.  On rare occasion a teacher succeeds at changing how you think.  Dr. Perusek exemplifies the latter.  At first glance, he may seem opinionated, but careful consideration reveals that his position on any subject that he talks about is assiduously researched and carefully considered.  He holds the profession of the professor in high regard, and works relentlessly to achieve the highest standard of his vocation.

From someone who seeks to be an educator one day, I thank you Dr. Perusek for the example to which to aspire.
Dr. Bradley Keefer
Dr. Keefer is an awesome professor here at KSUAC his classes are awesome as well i always highly recommend him to my friends to take his classes between him and my high school history teacher, i thank them for my love of history
Cameron Hartley
Dr. Sharon Tkacz
Hi Dr. T,
Thank you so much for all that you have taught me throughout my years at Kent. It has been a pleasure to work under you this semester! TEACHER OF THE YEAR AWARD!!!!
Chaz Stringer
Derek Saylor
Professor Saylor, from the bottom of my heart I thank you your encouragement that help me to overcome writer's block.  I admire your style of teaching. 
Lolita Brinson
Professor Sheaters
I owe you the deepest debt of gratitude for helping with Algebra.  God knows I would not have achieved success had it not been for you.  You are an awesome inspiration.  Thank you.
Lolita Brinson
Dr. David Bowers
Dr. Bowers is an outstanding professor. I am in his fundamentals of chemistry class, and it is a night class so as everyone can imagine the majority of us are pretty tired and ready to be done for the day. Each day Bowers comes to class with a positive attitude and tries his best to make learning chemistry fun! He is great at explaining everything, and if someone does not understand the material he always takes the time to explain it further so they can gain a better understanding. I appreciate the fact that Dr. Bowers is always willing to help and that he takes time out of class to help students who are not understanding the material and that he always has a positive attitude! Thank you for making chemistry class more fun, and easier to understand!
Bethany C. Prudner
Even though this is her first semester teaching at Kent State Trumbull Campus she did a pretty good job adjusting even though we had a rough start. She is one of the teachers that if you have a question/concern she is there. if you have a problem she helps you out. She is the best biology professor I could ever ask for. Thank you Bethany for helping me out and being there for me when I needed help. Even though we don't like to read you still made biology fun.  This semester came to an end too fast and I will miss you. But one thing I learned besides biology is never take life for granted. Thank you!!!
Connie Tezie
Dr. Tezie has been very supportive and compassionate leader throughout my journey in the DNP program.She has been working very hard to build a successful DNP program. Her hard work throughout these 3 years is greatly appreciated by her DNP students.
Renee McManus
Sheila Webster
Thanks for all that you do!  You are relaxed and have a great sense of humor which promotes great discussion and one open to questions!  I have learned so much about psychiatric nursing and will always strive to do and be better!  Best of luck in all you do!
Laura Brison
Shout out to Mrs. Laura Brison, she has made the students here at the Stark Campus feel very welcomed. Her teaching approach is awesome and I just want to thank her for bringing a little fun into a challenging program!!
Shantiea Jackson
Lisa Echeverry
Just wanted to let you know that I admire your clinical knowledge base and the high standards that you hold us accountable to.  It will ultimately benefit the patient which is what it's all about.  I wanted to especially thank you for being so available to answer my many, many questions.
Your most inquisitive NP student
Tim Meyers
The first semester of the accelerated nursing program can be rather intimidating and more than a little stressful. Tim has done an amazing job of not only helping us keep focused and interested, but also making sure we learn the material thoroughly. He is extremely passionate about the field of nursing as well as his role as an educator. I definitely feel as though I am going to leave my foundations courses with a strong base of knowledge to help me push forward and be the best nurse I can be! Thank you, Tim!
Stevie Wagener
Connie Tezie
Connie has been a wonderful mentor offering instruction and guidance. She is a wonderful role model who has made a definite impact on my education!
Winnie Amodio
Paula Dancie
This professor is by far one of the best I've had in the fashion school.  She great at reminding you why you started and why your should keep going. I'm sure I'm speaking for more than myself when I say she has kept people from dropping out simply with her understanding. I aspire to positively impact people the way she does.
Dr. Stocker
Thank you for being an inspiration to so many, you have shown committment and dedication to students and your profession and doing so with such grace!!
A former student
Jay Hays
He's not a professor, but just as important if not more.  Jay has been there throughout every part of my education at Kent State.  I could not have gotten through this without all of your direction and help Jay.  You are great at what you do.  Thanks so much for every thing!
Wendi Adams
Earl McFarland
I'm in your Primary Care I Nursing class and sit in the 2nd row.  You have the mind of a physician and the heart of a nurse.  When you said that "My patients feed my soul", I immediately connected with you because that's how I feel.  Thank you for the philosophical pearls of wisdom that you share and your encouragement in this endeavor to be a nurse practitioner.  It's made a difference to me:)
Deb Cefani
Deb is a professor with all heart.  She was one of my professors from the beginning and I have a lot of respect and admiration for her.  She's a great professor.  Thanks for everything Deb!
Wendi Adams
Belinda Cipriano
Belinda was my clinical instructor for Critical Care.  I learned so much from that clinical, and she was a great instructor.  A special thank you goes out to her!
Wendi Adams
Cathy Snelson
This woman is beyond amazing as a professor.  She teaches content in a way that is understandable and interesting at the same time.  It is clear that she enjoys her profession very much, and I want to give her a huge shoutout!!  She can make you excited about class.  Thank you for being you CATHY SNELSON!
Wendi Adams
Dr. Lawrence Marks
He makes Marketing interesting, and always gives me a good laugh when I watch his online lectures. He will relate to his students and makes it not so dry.
- not a marketing major
All of the HM staff
thank you for truly caring about us students and helping us to be successful. it is genuine and all of you always go above and beyond for us.
Dr. Swathi Ravichandran
It was hard to pick one member out of the outstanding Hospitality Management staff, but she has been such a mentor to me. She has helped me secure my internship and has connections EVERYWHERE. Literally interest that you have may be secured.

Thank you for all you have helped me with to become successful and a young professional.
Mandy Ulicney
Mandy is such an amazing addition to the Hospitality Management faculty at both Kent and Ashtabula campuses.  Her passion for students is evident in everything she does!  Incredibly knowledgeable about the industry as well!
Alice Colwell
I have been inspired by each of my nursing professors at Kent Trumbull. Mrs. Colwell was one of the first instructors that taught me the basics in lab and clinical during my first year of the program. Now, as a senior approaching graduation, she has guided my classmates and me toward becoming capable, professional leaders. Her no nonsense approach has pushed us to exceed our personal expectations and develop the skills necessary to succeed. I am so grateful to have professors like her that care so much and work so hard for their students! 
Diana Fleming
You are the best! Very realistic, professional, tough and encouraging all at the same time.
Thanks Nan
Nicole Edwards & Brian Roberts
Dr. George Cheney
You are and will continue to be an incredible teacher, mentor, and advisor! Thank you for also being a wonderful person! You will be missed!
Mary Bacha
Professor Bacha is one the best educators I have ever had throughout my whole academic career. She truly cares about the success of her students and does everything and anything she can to help them meet their goals. She is encouraging and supportive to ALL of her students. She gets to know students individually, is always there to answer questions, and willing to help in whatever way she can. I am very thankful and blessed to have an educator like her. She exhibits the reason why Kent State Nursing School is such an admired program.
Professor Lorene Martin
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and holding me accountable for retaining it myself! Pharmacology isn't easy, but I am learning something new each class!
Dr. Matthew Kemp
Dr. Kemp is one of the most devoted professors to his students and to his field. His classes are extremely interesting and he cares enough to make the rest of us care! Anyone in the French department is lucky to have him.
Timothy Myrick
Tim's class was easily one of the best classes I'll ever take here at Kent State. Design/Illustration I & II would not have been the same without him. He was very inspirational, sharing with us new techniques in drawing, ink and watercolor, as well as showing us some of his own work! His interactions with the class made us all feel as comfortable as a family. Each one of us blossomed  socially, professionally and artistically through his teachings. We even went outside sometimes when it was sunny! I miss his class so much. Illustration just isn't the same without him.
Mary Kutchin
Mary makes me laugh through the stressful project we work on each semester!
Her sense of humor helps keep the stress down, while meeting deadlines and making sure we dont miss anything.
Thank you!

Tracey Motter
I joined the KSU College of Nursing family this past July.
My supervisor, Tracey Motter, has demonstrated confidence in me and my work.
She leads by example, while allowing self-governance.
It is a pleasure to work alongside Tracey.
Heidi Weisel
Mary Bacha
The best professor i have had yet in the College of Nursing! She is passionate about her job, and her students!
Norma Jones
Thanks for acting as liason between professor and students.  You'll make a great professor if you choose that path!
Suzy D'Enbeau
Dr. Suzy D'Enbeau is one of my favorite professors in Communication Studies. She know's exactly what she is doing and she is always there to help students. She really wants to see her students progress through out the semester and that is what a great professor is supposed to do. I enjoy going to her class and I really wish she taught more classes in Comm Studies because I would love to take a class with her again. We always have fun discussions and she really likes listening to what students have to say and what we want in our future. She's amazing!!
H. Walker
The School of Communication Studies Faculty
Thanks for making my first year as a faculty member in the School of Communication Studies so wonderful. I've appreciated all of the mentoring, guidance, and advice that have made my transition to Kent so much smoother. I look forward to many years of engaging, productive, and fun working relationships with all of you!
Suzy D'Enbeau
Dr. Andy Lepp
Thank you so much Andy for helping me become a member of the KSU faculty after my retirement from the National Park Service. I love giving back after receiving so much over the years. Thank you for your inspiration, enthusiasm and belief in me to help students find careers and learn all about the amazing field of interpretation. May God richly bless you in all your endeavors!
Travis White
Jon Secaur
Somehow made physics simple to understand and interesting.  I really enjoyed taking your class!
Dr. Swathi Ravichandran
Swathi really knows her stuff! Taking her meetings management course has helped me tremendously on the job!
Dr. Serpe
Has a love for his students that is genuine! Thank you Dr. Serpe!!
Joseph Drew
Professor Drew is helpful and understanding!
Gary Hanson
His online course Media, Power and Culture is one of the best online courses I've taken. 
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