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About the Program

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Minoring in Women’s Studies makes great sense – no matter your major. 
If you hear excellent rumors about us, or perhaps you catch one of our courses
then wonder what else we might have up our sleeves,
or if you're just suddenly strangely curious, please contact us; talk to your advisor. 
It’s an easy step towards a more meaningful college experience.

Like programs worldwide in Women's Studies, ours has been evolving from its very start, moving through
necessary stages: 1) introducing the subject of women into serious academic inquiry; 2) engaging very basic
questions (some already answered in dubious ways, some unasked) about gender, its very definitions
and where/when/how/why they've been constructed and loaded with meaning, power, consequence;
3) understanding contexts -- structures, precedents, ongoing dynamics and overlays of patterned thought and image
-- contexts no less influential than ecosystems -- in which men's and women's lives unfold; understanding
our gendered existence-in-context ... and in clear-headed ways; 4) growing with our growing, changing world --
its technological advances, its political shifts, globalization, etc. 5) anticipating the great unknown.
Sound exciting?!?  It rather is.

Or perhaps you're wondering what difference pursuits in our program
might make to your vocation or career?

Simply: Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary minor program requiring 21 credit hours;
its coursework is flexible and diverse enough that students can, in large part, shape it to meet their individual needs. 
WMST Minors choose one of two required courses
(WMST 30000/Colloquium in Women's Studies; WMST 30001/Feminist Theory).
In addition, they complete 15 credit hours of interdisciplinary coursework -
offered by WMST affiliates from more than 25 different academic fields. 
Each term, the Program presents a number of WMST-Special Topics courses - which may be counted toward the minor.

The program offers two defining courses for its minors.
With permission, WMST-minors may create, design and complete these as they wish.
WMST 30196, an Individual Investigation,
is the required capstone
course for WMST minors.
If they choose, WMST 40992, the Practicum in Women's Studies, though optional,
affords minors hands-on experience in relevant real-world contexts. 

Students are encouraged to consult WMST faculty affiliates and/or the WMST Director
when planning their course of study for the Minor.

No more than 6 hours counted toward the student's major may also be counted toward the Women's Studies minor.
Selected or special topics or variable content courses with Women's Studies topics may
also be counted as long as they are approved by the director.
A minimum grade point average of 2.00 is required for successful completion of the minor in Women's Studies.

The Minor:

I. One of the following, totaling 3 credit hours:

WMST 30000, Colloquium in Women's Studies (3)

WMST 30001, Feminist Theory (3)

Remaining course WMST 30000 or WMST 30001 may be applied to Section II.

II. At least 15 hours from the following:

COMM 35912, Gender and Communication (3)

ENG 21002, Introduction to Women's Literature (3)

ENG 34021, Women's Literature (3)

FCS 44022, Changing Roles of Man and Woman (3)

HED 32544, Human Sexuality (3)

HED 44025, Women's Health Issues (3)

JUS 37411, Women in Crime and Justice (3)

LEST 36085, Leisure and Class (3)

PAS 33110, The Black Woman: Historical Perspectives (3)

PAS 43095, Special Topics in PAS -- African-American Women's Literature, Gender & Sexuality in the African Diaspora, etc. (3)

PEP 25059, Sport in Society (3)

PHIL 31040, Women and Philosophy (3)

PHIL 32091, Seminar: Woman's Ways (3)

PHIL 32091, Seminar: Ethics of Sex and Gender (3)

POL 40470, Women and Politics (3)

PSYC 40625, Development of Gender Role and Identity (3)

SOC 42315, Sociology of Changing Gender Roles (3)

WMST 20095, SPECIAL TOPICS -- The Female Mind, Historical Symbols of Women,             
Female Body in Popular Culture, Women and Cinema, etc. (3)

WMST 30095, SPECIAL TOPICS -- Global Perspectives on Gender & Sexuality,
Women & World Cinema, Desire Identity Gender & Commerce, etc. (3)

WMST 40095, SPECIAL TOPICS -- Feminism and Globalization, etc. (3)

WMST 40992, Practicum in Women's Studies (3) - an Internship opportunity.  

Please consult with the Director concerning your options. 

III. Guided Independent Study, totaling 3 credit hours:

Students must register for WMST 30196, Individual Investigation.          

A guided independent project with a written and oral report.

Admission controlled. See Women's Studies director for further information. (TOTAL: 21 HOURS)

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