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The future possibilities of WMST@KSU

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The future of WMST @KSU – hmmm. 
Now that's something to ponder next time
you're stuck in traffic, waiting in line at our too-tiny Starbucks,
or just feel like dreaming a noble dream.
What will be the future of Women’s Studies at Kent State University?
How do we grow from here and now—and from where we started, where we've been? 
Can we?  Will we? Do we need to turn off, unplug ... and “re-set”?

We started last year ... and we'll continue into the next ...
collecting YOUR ideas on this - friends, colleagues, minors and passers-through our program.
So, please join us (in spirit at least) as we:
-Rethink: the nature of our program, its relationship to the University—
to its colleges, schools, depts. and other programs.  Its relationship to our region and beyond,
to ‘the time’ in which we find ourselves.
-Reassess: what Student goals/purposes might our program answer? Academic inquiry, experience,
career preparation - these we know. What others?
How do we align the goals&purposes of Womens Studies tradition&history,
with those of our faculty affiliates? ... with
those of Kent State University as it's evolving?
-Review and revise our Courses—ample&right courses at the core, improvements to existing courses,
solicitation/support for new ones (e.g., wmst-legacy, the historical and philosophical bases;
meaningful quests into cultures of difference—the sense of what is or might be uniquely ...
OUR … literature, film, art, music, pioneers, roots, etc.); curricular expansion for breadth,
offering inclusive&meaningful options/concentrations to today's students
-Investigate: What’s missing in the program? like, for instance, skill sets for girls/women—
finances, politics, negotiation/conflict, incisive analysis of "choice" in the
personal and/or private sphere, etc. - exposure/comfort with S.T.E.M. terrain.
Ask&answer honestly: What's undone? What's done merely habitually, lazily?
What's working for and against our finest future?
-Facilitate: Interconnectedness and give-take … across disciplines and between disciplines—across and between KSU campuses.
Finding ways&means to further our program's quest for salience, relevance and action potential ---
and to "real"-ize the energies of our interdisciplinary base in exchanges/collaboration
-Improve: Communication, Support for new and existing Faculty –
enhance incentives to create, maintain courses, workshops
-Move: Next steps towards Enriching Online and other tech-rich options  –
perhaps including options-to-conference  to/from regional programs,
to/from WMST programs elsewhere.
-Cohere: Explore programmatic means towards university-wide inquiry, discussion-debate,
problem-solving and application—roundtables, shared themes/collaborative events/open
classrooms, filmfests, bookreadings, salons, panels, etc.
-MirrorMirror: Revisit how we might see ourselves—as a Program
(the who are we/what are we—what’s our name? our identity?)
Commit to a vision of a program we co-imagine, co-conspire.  Work together ... such that ...
all our faculty and students will be genuinely "better off" for their participation in our program.

Well there you have it ... a few starting points for take-off --
compiled&put together from our last series of brainstorming sessions.
PLEASE SEND US YOUR IDEAS and FEEDBACK on ours.  (Thank you.)

And ... Please VISIT US ... on Facebook© ~

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