Health Sciences Research

Research Projects

  • Health Promoting Effects of Strength Training in Older Adults
  • Sarcopenia and Muscle Health in Older Adults
  • Healthy Kids, Healthy Futures: A Multilevel Approach to Prevent Obesity
  • Impact of Racism on Risk of Preterm Birth in Black Women
  • indicator project
  • Transition Aged Youth and the Boston Community Academic Mental Health Partnership
  • Pilot Study of Literacy in Lives of People with Mental Illness
  • Navigating the Health Care Maze
  • Psychiatric Emergency Services Research
  • SAMHSA, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment
  • National AIDS Fund, Generations: Strengthening Women and Families Affected by HIV/AIDS
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse – Clinical Trial Network: New England Mode
  • Cellphone Intervention Trial for You Study
  • Enabling Population Scale Physical Activity Measurement on Common Mobile Phones (Wockets Project)
  • Sensor-enabled detection of movement disorders
  • Wireless monitoring of autonomic nervous system function
  • Computerized facial expression recognition for quantifying affect
  • Longitudinal, ultradense video and audio capture in home environments for quantifying child development
  • Financial incentives for healthy behavior
  • Innovation in health policy

Topic Areas

  • Social Epidemiology (Daniel Kim, Leo Beletsky, Beth Molnar)
  • Built Environment (Phil Brown, Helen Suh, Pauline Hamel, Monica Ramirez-Andreotta)
  • Neighborhood characteristics (Beth Molnar, Daniel Kim)
  • Public Health and Advocacy (Jean McGuire)
  • Health Policy and Law (Kristin Madison, Leo Beletsky, Gary Young, Laura Senier)
  • Governmental public health (John Auerbach)
  • Childhood/Intergenerational Obesity (Carmen Sceppa, Pauline Hamel)
  • Mental Health (Alisa Lincoln, Beth Molnar, John Griffith)
  • Substance Abuse (Alisa Lincoln, Leo Beletsky)
  • Healthy Aging (Carmen Sceppa, Helen Suh)
  • Violence (Beth Molnar)
  • Community-Based Participatory Research, (Alisa Lincoln, Beth Molnar)
    • With a focus on environmental health (Phil Brown, Sara Wylie, Monica Ramirez-Andreotta)
  • Race, Ethnicity, Gender (Elmer Freeman, Andrea Parker, John Auerbach)
  • Economics, Poverty (Kristin Madison, Daniel Kim)
  • Immigrant health (Carmen Sceppa, Irina Todorova)
  • Environmental Sociology and Anthropology (Phil Brown, Sara Wylie, Laura Senier)
  • Environmental epidemiology (Helen Suh)
  • Environmental exposure assessment and modeling (Helen Suh, Monica Ramirez-Andreotta)
  • Program Planning and Evaluation (Annemarie Sullivan, Beth Molnar)
  • Nutritional Interventions (Carmen Sceppa, Rui Li, John Griffith)
  • Physical Activity and Exercise (Carmen Sceppa, Dinesh John, Annemarie Sullivan, Rui Li)
  • Measuring behavior (Stephen Intille)
  • Workplace Wellness and Health (Dinesh John, Kristin Madison)
  • Experiences, cultural meanings of health and illness (Irina Todorova)


Research Interests per Faculty Member

Leo Beletsky

Social epidemiology; drug policy; criminal justice policy; health and human rights; population health policy

Phil Brown

Environmental sociology; environmental justice; community-based participatory research; biomonitoring and household exposure; research ethics

Elmer Freeman

Community organizing; community-based participatory research; social, economic, and political determinants of health in minority populations

Matthew Goodwin

Personal health informatics; Autism spectrum disorders.

John Griffith

Predictive models; medical decision aids; end-of-life care; nutrition and healthy living

Pauline Hamel

Health communication; childhood obesity prevention; community health and healthy aging

Stephen Intille

Personal health informatics; ubiquitous and mobile health technology; measuring behavior

Dinesh John

Workplace wellness and physical activity; measurement of physical activity and sedentary behavior

Daniel Kim

Social and economic determinants of population health

Rui Li

Exercise and nutritional strategy on metabolic diseases prevention/control; health fitness and sport performance

Alisa K. Lincoln

Mental health; substance abuse; health and social disparities; health literacy; community-based participatory action research

Kristin Madison

Health law; health economics; health care quality; health incentives

Justin Manjourides


Jean Flatley McGuire

Health policy and advocacy; disability

Shan Mohammed

Substance abuse and adolescent health

Beth Molnar

Violence and trauma; social and psychiatric epidemiology; community-based participatory research; program planning and evaluation

Andrea Parker

Interactive computing applications; racial, ethnic, and economic health disparities in nutrition and physical activity

Carmen Sceppa

Healthy aging, physical activity and exercise, healthy eating and nutrition science, intergenerational health promotion

Laura Senier

Environmental health; environmental justice; medical sociology; doctor-patient interaction; state health policy; public health genomics

Helen H. Suh

Environmental epidemiology; air pollution health effects; exposure assessment; environmental modeling; built environment; healthy aging

Annemarie C. Sullivan

Exercise science; program planning

Alessandro Vespignani

Network science and epidemiology

Sara Wylie

Community-based participatory research

Gary Young

Strategic management of health care delivery, measurement and evaluation of health care quality

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